We had to bid farewell to Knysna and continue our joinery towards Cape Town. We were already on Day 3 of our road trip and we had to make it to Cape Town in 5 days. We decided to go on the more adventurous trip on the Garden Route that would lead us to Route 62 and then to the ostrich capital of the world, Outdshoorn. But before that, we had a quick stopover in another seaside town, Wilderness.

I guess we got intrigued but the name Wilderness, but it was a timely stopover on the way to Outdshoorn. We spent a total of 30 minutes admiring the number one tourist attraction of the town - paragliding.

Of course I wanted to try paragliding, but it will take long to do so, since it required a training session before we actually fly. Since we didn't have time, we just sat on the cliffside in envy.

Wilderness was also known for its rivers, where kayaking is another major attraction. You can also camp along the banks of the river. 

We continued our drive to the city of George, where we went of the major highway to get into Route 62. From there, we wound up though mountain roads that provided us with awe-inspiring views. I wasn't able to take pictures since I was driving and Lizzy was asleep.

We finally made it to the dry plains of Outdshoorn (I cannot even pronounce it). The entire region was very arid reminiscent of a desert. We finally reached the town of Outdshoorn and checked in our next choice of accommodation.


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