Camps Bay: Cape Town

We arrived in Cape Town after a scenic drive through the mountains from Franschhoek. Finally, we made it to Cape Town and everything said about it was true. Lizzy was asleep in the car, so I didn't know what to do. The first thing that popped in my head was the beach. I was itching for sand. 

So we got off the M4 highway and followed the signs for Camps Bay, probably the most popular beach in Cape Town. 

Cape Town is my kind of city - very laid back and it has the best of both worlds, mountains and beaches all under one roof. Camps Bay is the epitome of nay South African beach. People just laid on the ash colored sand, with the mighty Atlantic crashing onto the shore.

It was water chaos, but this described the rawness of Cape Town's charm. There is a strong evidence of nature amidst a bustling urban backdrop.

Despite the cold waters, people managed to swim and frolic in the safer parts of the bay. Camps Bay is also Cape Town's largest beach so it is also the most crowded. Families spend their time more here. The jet set and fashion crowd bum at Clifton's beach.

Restaurants and cafes line the streets of Camps Bay, reminiscent of a baywalk in the French Riviera. We had our lunch in an Italian restaurant, and bought some gear so we could hit the beach. Lizzy dressed up in the car and I got us a parasol. And just like that, we were beach bumming.

It was already 4PM, so we had little time to relax. We hadn't checked in yet at the hotel that Lizzy booked. We didn't care though. Lizzy tried to play in the freezing waters, while I laid on my back under the setting sun. What a great way to settle into Cape Town!


  1. I really enjoy the scenery in Paarl when im on vacation, beautiful place to have a spa.

  2. Capetown is my dream destination... i wish i can visit that place too.


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