The Cape of Good Hope

I knew this was going to be an exciting destination, but I wasn't prepared for what was ahead of us. We arrived in the Cape of Good Hope National Park hungry and agitated. Nevertheless, the anticipation was so intense that we wanted to explore as much of the park as we can. 

The spectacular views from the entrance of the park gave me the chills. The great Atlantic was perfect in its azure hue, providing a sharp contrast to the dramatic cliffs  

The Cape of Good Hope has been significant for sailors for many years. From Europe, explorers went all the way down to the edge of Africa and used the cape as their turning point to go eastwards.

Now, the Cape of Good Hope is a myriad of breathtaking landscapes. Imagine the wild Atlantic splashing onto a rugged coast where ostriches roam free.

The Cape of Good Hope is not really the edge of Africa. Another nearby cape does own that acknowledgement. Nevertheless, people go here because of this misconception. And it does feel like worlds away.

We climbed up the edge of the cape and was met with more dramatic views. Lizzy and I found ourselves stopping in admiration and awe at every step up the mountain.

We were very hungry after that climb, so we decided to go to Cape Point where most of the tourists were centered. We ate at Two Oceans, which had a view of both Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

After lunch, we also took a funicular up to the lighthouse. The views were of course stunning, and stone paths along the cliffs provided us with even better views.

We already satisfied our thirst for views, so we decided to explore more of the park, where no tourists were in sight. Lizzy and I drove and stopped at hiking trails. We passed by a short one at sunset, and it gave us one of our most memorable travel experiences ever.

We felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. Along the short trail, Lizzy kept on climbing rocks and even jumped on them. We really had the funnest time of our trip in this place. We felt like we were true explorers.

We then drove on further and found another spot where the ocean meets the land. And of course, whenever this happens, nature just can't help but create awesome landscapes.

We left the Cape of Good Hope at sunset, and we drove towards Simons Town. During the drive, we saw almost a dozen dolphins at sea! It was simply amazing. We stopped and admired the dolphins from afar.

We then drove off the main road and took a different route to Cape Town. We passed by Chapman's Road, which was the narrowest cliff road I drove on. The sun was setting, the views became more magical. Some even stopped alongside the road and drank champagne while watching the day end.

Our experience at the Cape Peninsula was more than satisfying. It was utterly breathtaking, and definitely the highlight of our entire trip so far. Night descended upon us, and we were left grateful for this day.


  1. cape town was in my list of top 10 places i want to go before i die.. seeing this pictures makes me even more in love with cape of good hope i want to be here...


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