The Cape Peninsula

We had 3 days in Cape Town and its surroundings, and part of the plan was to drive to the Cape Peninsula all the way to the Cape of Good Hope. It was an exciting part of our trip, since we've heard that the scenery is jaw dropping amazing. So we set off early in the morning, and drove for less than an hour to our first stop on our route to the Cape of Good Hope: Muizenberg.

Muizenberg is a laid back town along False Bay, which already faces the Indian Ocean. Hence, it is warmer to swim here than in Camps Bay which was facing the Atlantic. The beach is also flat and wide hence you get a lot of people swimming here. But take caution when swimming here, because Muizenberg has its share of the great white sharks of Africa. Shark attacks have been reported here, but still significantly low in percentage.

But the real draw for tourists into Muizenberg are these lovely colorful Victorian beach houses, which are reminiscent of an era when Muizenberg was the premier beach destination in the region. Now, they provide us with a good photo opportunity, which we exploited of course.

It was fun admiring the splash of colors along a white sand beach. There were several houses that we couldn't count anymore.

We left Muizenberg and headed on to our next destination, Boulder's Bay in Simon's Town. We passé through crowded coastal roads as most were on holiday that day.

We finally got into Boulders Bay where the main attraction was a kind of bird.

Penguins! There were hundred of penguins along the beach. Though it was recently prohibited to go down to the beach, we had a nice view of the cute feathered creatures from the deck.

I was imagining Boulders to be quite isolated, but just after the beach the penguins called home were beach houses. Boulders was also named as such because of the huge stones along its beach.

We spent a little bit more time in Boulders Bay. There was also another beach where swimming was permitted. It was quite full with local revelers.

We tried to look for a spot on the beach, but it was just too crowded. Instead, we tried looking for a place to eat. Unfortunately, we couldn't find an available table as well, so we decided to go straight to the main destination for the day, the Cape of Good Hope.


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