Outdshoorn: Cango Caves and Beyond

Our strategy for this trip was variety of experiences. Outdshoorn was the ostrich capital of the world, and we hadn't seen as many ostriches in our lives when we were driving around the countryside. There were ostrich farms left and right, and ostrich pens had as much as a hundred birds contained. Thus, we weren't as fascinated anymore with the ostriches. Part of the reason why we decided to go to Outdshoorn was another attraction: the Cango Caves.

We went to the Cango Caves without any idea what to expect. We just thought that the idea of caving was a refreshing experience to the usual beach and mountain landscapes we have encountered so far. 

Cango Caves was a main attraction in South Africa, and thus, there were a lot of guided tours to this site. A lot of them came in buses, and the Chinese and Koreans were already here. Hence, it was your typical tourist attraction. We were part of the crowd now.

But we were pleasantly shocked when we entered the caves. The scene was spectacular. It was grand. It was probably the grandest cave I have seen after the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China.

We were in a group of around 40 people, so there tour guide had a hard time containing everyone together. But the rock formations inside the cave spoke for themselves. They were massive and amazingly formed.

The guide lighted the entire chamber when we all arrived into it, to add drama to the reveal of the chamber. The place was well lighted, for everyone to appreciate the formations. We took the short tour, so after 4 chambers we were told to exit the caves.

The cave was already closed for entry when we got out. We wondered what else we could do. As we were driving back home, we passed by this picnic ground, that seemed to be popular with families.

Here, Lizzy took a camel ride. The camel ride was short, but she had fun riding the humped animal.

We spent our last night in De Denne and woke up for the longest drive to Francshoek, which is an hour away already from Cape Town.


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