Knysna is Nice Ha!

As the title suggests, Knysna is pronounced "nice na". At first I was pronouncing it wrongly, so the guys at Hitgeheim politely corrected me. Well, Knysna is a popular seaside town along the Garden Route. We were supposed to stay in Plettenberg Bay, but the accommodations there were hard toy get by.

Knysna is a very laid back town that surrounds itself in a protected lagoon. It is also surrounded by lush forests, clear lakes and beautiful beaches inside the lagoon. We stayed at the Waterfront Lodge on our first night, after our trip to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. More on that hotel in my next article.

What you see now is the Knysna Quays Waterfront, where a lot of shops, restaurants and terminals to ferries are located. We decided to go on a lagoon tour on a ferry boat before having lunch.

Basically, we rode a boat that toured us around the lagoon. The lagoon was the center of Knysna, so it was just fitting to get a feel of the entire place by taking this tour.

We saw a lot of vacation homes, beachside bungalows and apartments. Most were just relaxing by the beach or boating. It was indeed a vacation spot for those who just want to have a peaceful and relaxing time.

The surrounding landscape was also stunning. There were pine trees along the shoreline with a backdrop of lush green hills.

We made a u-turn when we reached the mouth of the lagoon that opened up to the Indian Ocean. The waves were wild at the cavity, and I could only imagine the views of the ocean from the hills above.

We went back on land and had a nice lunch at the waterfront. Ewe tried to explore more of the area, but we found nothing special. 

Knysna is a my kind of town. It was very laid back and had a "happy" atmosphere. People were all smiling and it seemed that everyone was relaxed. You can also just walk around town, since it was not that big. I was told that a seaside apartment here cost only P5M. Now that really made me think.


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