The Waterfront Lodge: Knysna

We arrived in Knysna at around 8PM and at this time, it was already late for someone to arrive at a lodge. So when we finally found our place for the night, it took a while for someone to answer the door.

Our selected accommodation was the Waterfront Lodge at Knysna. It was highly recommended online, so we decided to book the last room here. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised that the last room was the Master Suite. So again, we have been upgraded! Arriving late does have its perks.

So the suite was in the 2nd floor, and had a living area, and two balconies - one facing the parking area and one facing the lagoon. It was dark though, so we didn't get to see the view of the lagoon when we arrived.

The bathroom was also huge and had a jacuzzi! It looked quite old though, but the feel was still luxurious.

The next morning, an opening of the shutters excited me with this view.

The lagoon looked tranquil and very relaxing. I was in Knysna, and I was happy to price that the pictures in the internet did look exactly the same in personal.

We went down the lodge for breakfast. The place really left like a home, and the family that owned the lodge managed and operated it themselves. Hence, you really get homey service.

Breakfast was good and cooked the way we liked it. Afterwards, we went outside the lodge to the garden and the pool. The water was freezing so swimming was not an option for us. We instead took a stroll on the banks of the lagoon. 

The lagoon had a gorgeous backdrop. It was the countryside, and the feeling was so good. I would want to retire in a place like this, well, as long as there was also a tropical beach beside it.

We only booked a night in the Waterfront Lodge, and we were sadly told that we had to leave because all rooms were already booked. Hence, we searched for a place at the spur of the moment. The only place that could accommodate us was another lodge beside the Waterfront. It was more expensive, but hey, if this was a lodge, that was mansion. More of that up next!


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