De Denne Country Guesthouse

We reached Outdshoorn after almost 2 hours from Wilderness. We were to check in a guesthouse called De Denne, which again was highly recommended over the internet. We had trouble looking for the guesthouse, because it turned out to be outside of town, around 20 minutes from the center of Outdshoorn.

We were in the middle of nowhere when we fin lay found the gates leading to De Denne. I wasn't afraid, but the surroundings were making me anxious. We were in the middle of nowhere, and it was all barren land. Good thing De Denne was an oasis in the middle of this vast nothingness.

De Denne was described as a country guesthouse. We chose this because we wanted to experience a whole range of accommodations for this trip. We already stayed in a luxurious chalet, a beautiful lodge, an opulent mansion, and now, De Denne seemed to be like a country farm.

True enough, our room was like a farmhouse. The owners of the place were not present when we arrived, so we were escorted to our room by their friendly staff.

Our room was also a suite, a self catering accommodation with a kitchen, living area and a nice patio. The atmosphere was surprisingly breezy despite being in the middle of a "desert". The room was not luxurious, but it was well appointed. 

We had a beautiful garden in front of the patio, complete with a BBQ grill. We even had a dog which Lizzy took care of during our entire stay. The front lawn was like velvet to my feet, that I even lay on it because it was so inviting and smooth.

There was also a pool that overlooked the arid plains. It was really an oasis, another relaxing escape for us.

We then explored the main house, which had the dining area and a common room for lounging. The owners finally arrived, and welcomed us as if we were part of their family.

There were rolled haystacks that I have seen in Amazing Race. I remember the most difficult challenges in Amazing Race where they had to unroll these haystacks to find a flag.

De Denne was a great choice, and a unique one for that matter. We would be spending just a night here, but wished we could stay longer.


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