Monday, May 4, 2009

Cinco Massau: Mati Series

Cinco Massau has a great story to tell. Years ago, the owner of the resort risked his money and land to put up cottages by the sea. Perseverance and dedication eventually led into the expansion of Cinco Massau, now one of the most popular resorts in Mati.

Cinco Massau is located on the western coastline of Mati. From Dahican Beach, it's a rough 15 minute drive to Massau Beach, where the resort is located.

The resort is popular among the masses, and is unique because the cottages are located on stilts that extend almost 300 meters to the sea. We saw the place packed with locals as it was a Sunday. You can rent cottages for P300 for a day, or P800 for a night. The cottages are so basic though, without anything else but a sole double bed and a dining area outside. There are 5 concrete aircons rooms in the mainland though for P1,500 each.

We had our lunch there, which was also basic. They really don't serve food, since most of the guests arrive with prepared food. You can also grill in some of the cottages.

We went to Cinco Massau to shelter ourselves from the soft rain and have lunch. But our ultimate reason for going there is to get a boat to nearby Waniban Island. So after stuffing ourselves with Chicken Tinola, Longganisa and Chopsuey, we boarded our boat and rode our to sea.


  1. elo,...
    wat are u w8ng?
    visit now @ mati,...
    beaches,...8z so very nice & beautful

    i have been in mati last week...
    april 1-3.,,,


  2. Guys..meron kau contact number ng manager ng resort?? paki post na man..


  3. San lugar to guys? galing noh, ung serena nakatingin sa dagat.

  4. Wow!!! What a beautiful place I've ever seen in Davao. I’d like everyone to visit one of those prestigious places here in Philippines.



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